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Improvised Hunting Tools

Improvised weapons can help you stay fed and defend yourself against wild animals.


I have some very strong opinions on Canada's new gun control laws that may or may not be coming into effect. But this is not the place to discuss them....yet.

If you do not have access to firearms for hunting, and emergency provisions have run dry, you will need to look to other methods to put some food on the table and keep yourself going. Here are a few things you can try out



Yep, just a rock. When it comes down to simplicity a thrown rock is as basic as it gets.

An ACCURATELY thrown rock of decent size can likely get you a squirrel, a game bird, or possibly a rabbit. Against larger game animals, you may scare them off, or possibly annoy them.

if you cannot find a rock. Throw a stick instead.

for defence: It's best to keep a few on hand just in case. "rapid fire" may scare away smaller scavengers.



Again, very basic. a short branch or stick of decent size and weight.

Unless you can get close to your game animal, the club is ineffective against smaller, faster prey. But it does help follow up if the ROCK (see above) only stuns or wounds your prey.

in defence situations, it can extend your reach and keep you out of harm's way and help you beat some sense into whatever is trying to bite you



In its simplest form, just a long stick with a sharp point at the end. If you have the know-how, the tip can be made from stone, or metal to increase durability and damage. If you can spare it, some knives are designed with features to be used as a spearhead.

it can be used to thrust or stab, though usually thrown. Best used against larger game or even for fish.

In defence: extends your reach even further and can poke holes in whatever is trying to bite you. bleeding a pain are usually good motivations to stop trying to eat you


4. BOW

Used for generations by all cultures in some form. A springy, flexible shaft (or stave) with a string attached to both ends used to launch arrows. If you already have your Hunter's Safety course, bowhunting is also a viable option.

This one is not quickly or easily crafted on the fly and requires some skill and patience to complete. But the advantage of the bow is its range, speed, and stealth.

Again, useful for catching rabbits, squirrels, game birds, fish, and even waterfowl. It is possible to catch even larger game depending on how powerful your bow is, and how true your arrows fly.

In defence: you may get off a shot or two before resorting to the SPEAR or CLUB depending on what kind of beastie thinks you look tasty. Also, if you are far enough away it provides an even longer range than the SPEAR.



Generally, this is two lengths of cordage with a pouch in the middle. One end of the cordage is looped over a finger, and the other end is pinched between the fingers. Then ROCK (see #1 above) is loaded into the pouch, swung around and release at your target faster and more powerfully than you could ever throw.

Crafting the sling is a fairly easy process, but from personal experience, hitting your target is a whole other story. Be sure to practice a bit with this one to get the feel of it.

In defence: even if you miss, a ROCK launched from a sling can make a loud crack when hitting other rocks or a tree that may scare your



Two ROCKS, (or small pieces of wood) are tied to either end of a long cord. one is held in the hand and the other spun around. when released, the bolas turn into a flying snare and the ROCKS hammer into it as the cordage wraps around your target

this one is also something you'll want to practice with before trying to catch anything

This one may be more familiar to some since it has some exposure as a game (since lawn darts are dangerous), and that is just some brilliant marketing in my opinion.

In Defence: the Bolas can slow down or snare smaller critters that might be out to harm you, Against larger boils down to a ROCK on a string.


There are other craftable items you could use in your quest for food and protection if you were stuck in the wild. Some of the items here are not considered "legal" for recreational hunting, and should only be used in extreme circumstances. Check your local regulations for what is legal for hunting and fishing in your area.

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