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Ride on down the Highway...

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Behind the scenes of the Bushcraft Highway.


Ever since I can remember, Northwestern Ontario has been my backyard.

When I was younger, the bush trails and the closeness of the forest were always there. I often went there with my pack, some basic supplies for a day hike, and the simple pleasure of being my own company while I was out there by myself.

After my college courses in I.T. the 'new' innovations in Internet connectivity, I have had the chance to travel all across the province. From the southern border between Rainy River, Fort Frances, and Thunder Bay, to the southern shore of Hudson Bay in Fort Severn.

No matter where I have gone, there was always the excitement of the "first time being there" behind every visit. Meeting new people in urban, rural, and First Nation communities opened my eyes to a much larger picture, and more of the Province I had never seen before.

Freedom in the air..

I have been thinking about my skill set recently since personal fulfillment dominates your thoughts as you get older and wiser. Am I happy doing what I do? what could I do that would make me happier? What would make me happiest? Heavy questions we all ask ourselves eventually.

It was on a hunting trip with my oldest brother that the name of this site came to be. "Here we go, off the beaten path and down the Bushcraft Highway."

I had always considered a career in writing, leaving technology behind. All my studies in English and creative writing emphasize a "write what you know" rule. At the time I knew survival, fishing, camping, hiking, archery...hey! Let's write a survival manual, or a camping guide, or a fictional survival story...

Ride, ride!

So, blending the technology, writing, and outdoor skills that I have learned over my short time on this planet "The Bushcraft Highway" was born. There are so many things I want to share, discussions to start, questions, answers, 'best practices' for outdoors activities, camping, survival, and general preparedness in urban and rural areas to be discovered and discussed it makes me smile looking forward to the new challenge a web blog might bring.

There's so much material to post and so many ideas to sort through. I'm sure that my brothers and I will bring a new and unique perspective on outdoor activities on Crown land in Northwestern Ontario.

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